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August 13, 2019
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December 4, 2019


Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we come to the end of another very successful and hard-working year at Kagaki School, we thank The Almighty God for His unending Grace and Mercies upon us. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, for all the support you have accorded to the school, which has enabled us to do the best for our children.

It has been an eventful year, where, by God’s grace, we have several achievements in various departments. This is a result of the hard work put in by the whole Kagaki family, driven by our vision, “TO BE RECOGNIZED LEADER IN ALL SPHERES OF THE LEARNING PROCESS.”


We have had milestones in the academic department that we thank God for. The implementation of the Competency Based Curriculum is one of such milestones which we have been successful at. We also thank you for your contribution towards the success of this curriculum, as the parent is an essential contributor to its success. In that spirit, kindly let’s ensure that our learners revise sufficiently over the holiday, in order to maintain the momentum.

Our grade three learners did their National assessment successfully, both MLP, portfolio and the cleaning project. We look forward to more interesting activities in grade four, as we cultivate our pupil’s talents.

We did joint exams, for the whole Ngata zone, which has over 20 schools. We appeared to be very competitive, standing at top three in all classes, and having, on average, about 5 pupils from each class, appearing in the top 10 list.

2019 candidates are making final preparations, as they approach the national exam, that is scheduled to begin on 28th October 2019. We wish them all the best and trust that God will guide them to victory. Kindly remember them in your prayers.

Below is a Table of the summary of the Term’s performance:

  4 5 6 7 8
OPENER 348.65 321.21 303.93 316.18 325.32
END OF SEPTEMBER 360.67 349.52 354.61 319.30 351.32
END TERM 384.61 381.43 360.41 360.67 376.44


Discipline is core in the success of any learning institution. Kagaki is committed to moulding a wholistic child, that will exultantly face the challenges of life. We have had cases of pupils getting involved in unpleasant behaviours and use of abusive, and vulgar language, which they admitted to have learnt from the media. We therefore greatly request that you censor or regulate the content our learners watch, both on the television, and over the internet. Also, kindly spare some time with your child/ren this holiday for guidance and counselling, as we all strive to impart skills and knowledge of an upright and respectable person in society.

We also noted with great concern, continually growing laxity in observance of school uniform. School uniform unites the children as one, and enhances the observance of school rules, as it gives the pupil a feeling of being in school. Having pieces of clothing that are different, no matter how small, causes a distraction, since it diverts the children’s focus from academics, to discussing fashion and styles. It is therefore on this note that we are introducing school fleece jackets, which will be available for purchase from December, hence replacing the different jackets the pupils wear to school. Kindly note therefore that from next year, no pupil will be allowed to have any clothing that is not part of the school uniform.

We have also noted a degree of lateness by boarders on reporting day. Kindly note that coming next term, gates will be closed at exactly 5pm. Any pupil therefore who comes after 5pm will be sent back, to report on the following day, for disciplinary action.


We have had a variety of co-curricular activities through the year, with our children going to various competitions. We participated in the Kenya Music Festival, taking over 15 pieces through the various stages, and having over 5 pieces getting to the National level. Our E.C.D.E. choir emerged position 1 during the National Kenya Music festival that was held at Kabarak University.

Scouts have also engaged in various training activities through the term, earning several badges which they will be awarded by the President of Kenya, on 24th November, during the Patron’s day awards at state house. They also took part in camping competitions, where they did well, being their first time.

We also participated in Spelling Bee competitions, having our pupils taking part at the national level and performing really well.

We plan to have many more activities coming next year, through the revival of several clubs, and creation of new ones. Kindly encourage your child(ren) to join, at least, one club of their choice in order to grow their talent.


As usual, half of the total fees should be paid by Opening day, Three quarter by 5th February 2020 and Final Quarter by 5th March 2020. Let’s pay school fees on time to avoid inconveniencing your child(ren)’s progress in class.


Term 3 2019 Closing date             :           23rd October 2019

Interview date                                :           22nd November 2019

Term 1 2020 Opening dates         :           Boarders        – 6th January 2020 (By 5:00 p.m.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                            :           Day scholars  – 7th January 2020

Half Term – Term 1 2020              :           17th February – 21st February

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