End of year 2019 newsletter
October 23, 2019

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We give Glory and honour unto the Almighty God for guiding us through the Term. Indeed His mercies and grace have been sufficient. We extend our gratitude to each and every parent/guardian for choosing KAGAKI where we endeavor to be “RECOGNIZED LEADER IN ALL SPHERES OF THE LEARNING PROCESS.” We’ve gained grounds and together we can achieve more as we continue pulling in one direction.


In KAGAKI School, we’re pursuing academic excellence. At zonal level, our children stand as exceptional performers both at Class level and Top performers. At sub-county (KCPE), KAGAKI School is known as an excellent school in academics. We’re gearing up to be “RECOGNIZED LEADER” academically at Regional and National level. This has been achieved by the strong unity and commitment existing in and between parents, teachers, management and the pupils. This can even become more fruitful if we retain our cohesion and synergy.

As seen in the academic Table below, almost all classes are showing an upward trend. Grade 3 has been experiencing ups and downs due to the transition from 8-4-4 to CBC but we’re working on their stability.

The Ministry of Education has gained grounds on replacing 8-4-4 with CBC. In KAGAKI School, we’re fully complying with the Ministry. Our teachers (PP1, PP2, Grade 1, 2 & 3) have severally been assessed on CBC since 2017 by Education Officers and have been found okay on how CBC is being handled.

Preparations for our candidates 2019 are in top gear as we aim to produce the best results this year. Our Grade 3 learners are also being prepared for their assessment next term in line with the new curriculum. Ensure your child/ren have done the homework thoroughly and that they submit it for marking on the opening day.

The school library has been equipped and learners have greatly benefited from it. We also encourage learners to read story books and vitabu vya hadithi while at home.

Below is a Table of the summary of the Term’s performance:

CLASS/GRADE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
OPENER 494.13 497.31 500.87 362.58 344.76 328.40 336.63 310.61
END OF MAY 441.26 482.89 496.73 372.92 369.75 345.78 357.90 320.11
END OF JUNE 452.32 468.50 477.17 372.94 344.81 321.61 334.89 341.40
END TERM 438.92 489.89 476.65 383.20 354.70 344.68 337.49 350.27


Discipline is extremely important in our lives.  We’re living in a fancy world – no restrictions to accessing social media, delinquency in our societies, boundless socialization. These lead to negative influence to our innocent children.


Let’s inculcate the essential ingredients for discipline in the lives of our children.

Discipline is impacted both at home and in school. In Kagaki School, we value discipline and take it as a requirement in every walk of life and as the very foundation of a civilized society.

As we end Term2 2019, we have been very enthusiastic on discipline matters. For instance, there are a few cases we’ve experienced with the pupils. The respective parents handled the cases amicably at school level.


As has been our commitment to excel, our scouts participated in the zonal competition and went up to the County level where they emerged Position 4.

One of our learners has advanced to the Nationals in spelling bee competition.

Our learners participated in music festivals and performed as follows:

At Sub-county level we took 39 items in which 18 items represented the Sub-county at the County level at Gilgil. Our School represented the County at Regional level with 10 items. On August 4th 2019, our school represented Rift Valley region at National level with 2 items and emerged position 1 in one of the items. We wish them all the best as they continue to fly our flag high.

Fees payment

We appreciate parents for their excellent performance in fees payment. This has enabled most children to remain in class throughout the term. Half of the total fees should be paid by opening day and full fees should be cleared by 5th of October for 3rd Term 2019. Please note that any Term 2 balance should have been cleared before opening day and therefore shouldn’t be part of half of the total fees required

Term dates

Closing date: 30TH JULY 2019

Opening: Boarders 26TH AUGUST 2019 (BY 5:30 P.M) and Day scholars 27TH AUGUST 2019



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